The Ultimate Secret To Acquiring Customers

Before I show you how to use a simple yet extremely powerful strategy to attract customers, let’s do something your competition is ignoring 

Let me show you how to make sure people see and listen to your pitch


Start By Giving Them Relevant Stuff

Listen, we are in a situation where people brain’s has less attention than a goldfish, so beating around the bush or swimming in self glory trying to look cool in front of your readers won’t work 

You have to begin your attack with the top of the spear and that is by talking about what they want 

Notice, “want” not need 

Let’s say your’e selling a weight-loss program, what everybody wants is to lose weight 

What they need to do is eat less, exercise more and stay away from crap 

What they want is to eat what they like, do little or no exercise and still lose weight 

You have to find a way to give them what they want first 

There’s an interesting metaphor of a boy who got a goat

The goat was infected with lice and grandma told him to give the goat some garlic


He gave garlic to the goat but it refused 

Little boy, went back to grandma and she asked him to give the goat some garlic, but –  this time wrap it in bread 

The goat ate the bread, ate garlic and lice went away 

Now, If you’re lucky, your product can be the bread and your prospects will love it immediately

But for most of us, it might be garlic 

So if you want to help them and make some cash for yourself you have to…

Put some bread around your garlic

Back to the weight-loss example

What people want is for their fat to go away while they do almost nothing

What they need is a comprehensive program that requires them to be disciplined

If you go and sell that, you will lose

So you need to look for bread to put around it, that gives them results – fast

In this case it could be, a detox drink or 5 day detox challenge when they enjoy the bread and lose some weight in the process after that

They eat your garlic and you make some money 

The problem is, most people  get too close to their product and are so distracted at how good the product is that they forget it tastes like garlic so they lose 

You have to think of the bread around it, to make sure it get’s eaten 

And leads us to the part which is to

Make sure your bread gets devoured by your prospect

According to Forbes no content gets better consumption than video, 


I’ve ran ads with pure video content that drove my costs down to 300%


If you want make sure people to listen to you must use videos ads for your business 

Now you understand you have to be different from other marketers out there who simply sell by yelling buy 

By wrapping some bread around your product, you become up to 10 times more powerful

But for this to work, the way you wrap that bread has to be very interesting 

So you have to present everything in a medium that’s easy to consume which can be done through videos 

So now your’e selling people want they want which makes your ads 10 times more effective 

The last thing is to drop this kind of offer in a place where your dream customers hangout

Here’s 5 easy steps to do that

  1. Identify who your best customers are and what product you want to sell to them 

Your best customers are those who you can get results FAST, this allows you demonstrate your powers quickly 

2. Figure out if your product is a bread or a garlic 

There are few key things to look at 

  • Speed of result: how fast can your product get them result?
  • Perceived likelihood of achievement: How much do they believe they can do the work
  • Ease of implementation: How easy can they get result

If your product fails on any of this then 

3. Make your bread 

4. Focus on selling that bread:

 Now, Your’e no longer like other marketers trying to shove what people need into their throats which causes instant resistance and zero sales

Instead you follow their natural desires and give them what they want by

5. Present it through video:

Look, pal Video works PERIOD!

A lot people would rather watch than read, plus you keep their attention longer because you engaged 2 parts of their learning senses  

You’re never gonna believe what happened when I used this type of ad 

If you found this helpful and your’e thinking… this all makes sense but I want someone to help do it

*Build my ad

*Choose the content

*Produce the video 

Then leave me a message on WhatsApp, describe briefly what you do and I’d tell you if I can help you or not 

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