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Are You Ready To Take Your Ecommerce Game To The Next Level?

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Here's Just A Glimpse Of What Is Inside

And now, for the ultimate question...

Why Am I Doing This?

You may have heard this statement before ” Nothing good comes for free “

Or if it’s so valuable – why is it cheap?

 In this case, it’s not true

I’m doing this for two reasons 

Whether you believe me or not this kind of stuff makes me happy, I enjoy it

 I’ve had situations where people tell me my content help them make a couple of 100,000 bucks (something I wrote over the weekend)

Fb ads are not that difficult for me – I’ve taking classes from $2,997 to $97 and they are some few secrets I’ve discovered you might not be aware of 

To me creating this content cost a couple hours, maybe a few extra days distilling what took a lot of time to learn and then compressing it in a book

To you it could mean;

  • Selling out your current stock
  • Getting your product to customers you’d love to work with
  • Extra cash to pay rent 
  • Supporting your husband/wife

Sometimes, You never know how tough other people have it till you step outside your shoes 

And for the second reason 

My teacher told me ‘‘the best way to demonstrate you can help them is by actually helping them

So If i can show you how to properly script ads with my brand new book , you’re probably more likely to work with me in future 

I’m also about to launch a new website creator and sales funnel software – so this a way to fill up my early bird list… sneaky, right?

I guess that’s the hidden motivation – if you want to 

So What Happens If You Don't Like It?

C’mon put in your details, pay 1000 naira, download the book, sit down, go through it

listen to the audio guide… when you do this 

Only 2 Things Can Happen


You think it’s garbage and a  complete waste of time

In that case – send a message to my associate 08032173590 (yes that’s a real no) he’ll give you back your little investment PLUS you can still keep the book – free 


You absolutely love it and your’e able to write winning fb ads for your product – in that case i’ll be happy to help you get more results and use your testimonials 

Regardless, You Cannot Lose

You should also know this offer is very time sensitive i pay facebook somewhere between $1 – $4 to sell this book and its still in testing phase

If the numbers don’t work, i’ll add more bonuses and raise the price 

Also, the timer on this page is real, i’m tracking it with elementor deadlines, once it hits zero (even if you hide your browser) it’ll take you to different page showing the offer has expired and you won’t be able to get it again

This page will expire in


I mean if you can’t make up your mind on learning how to write e-commeerce ads for just 1,000 naira ($3) then i don’t want your money and i don’t want you to download my book 


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