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YES! This is the same ad format we’ve used to sell, pizza, jollof rice, fruit parfait…. And more

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From Kings Park

FCT, Abuja

Dear Restaurant Owner

Hey, my name is Sanni Mustapha, and I’m here today because I want to give you something that I call “The 3 day Restaurant Cash Machine 

This is my frame work on how to create a simple campaign that brings in restaurant customers at dirt cheap prices 

But before I give you access to the 3 day restaurant cash machine, I want to tell you a bit about how it was created…

This is not something that I came up with in one day, and hoped that it would work, this is something polished over 6 months of testing 

You see, my mum and I opened up a restaurant about a year and a half ago, and I asked her to advertise.

She was worried because of the low budget and didn’t want to deal with the stress so I got in touch with a lady who knew some influencers and we worked on a simple plan

One Simple Ad Created With Our Framework With Over 105 Comments Bringing In Leads

She was to organise people to post about the restaurant everyday for one week

After 7 days was complete, I tracked the results and we had only… 5 leads 

5 LEADS !.. the turnout was disgraceful but the next was, she demanded about 10k to settle them 

10k ($9), wasn’t the issue but the results were so poor, I got furious and refused to pay 

But my Mum insisted, and we spent N10,000 ($9) on about 5 leads all because I was afraid online ads would be too expensive

So I went dark…

I got into my laptop to do some research, raked through dozens of trends and wrote multiple sales scripts after about 3 days of work 

with combination of secrets from multiple million dollar brands, buying psychology and some tweaks of my own

I created the first type of a different kind of ad 

During my research I discovered some big brands running food ads continuously for 6-8 months… and I always wondered how it was possible, but…

That Weird ad I Made Brought over 40 leads with the same 10k spent

I still remember it happening

Some of those leads became customers and bought way more than we advertised 

I’m talking N250 ($0.2) per lead giving back ($13) N15,000 in sales 

Then it got even better, some of those leads became not just customers but repeated BUYERS who spent an average of 3 – 10k  week with us FOR MONTHS

I remember people not just coming for one meal but bringing their family, ordering on weekends and even telling their friends about us for FREE 

Over the next 13 months I spent close to a million Naira ($9,000) on ads with great profit and we tested different ad formats, video ads, catalog ads, and even simple text with a picture

And what I discovered was that the simpler and clearer the ad, the better the sales 

I started calculating on average how much my clients were earning 

◉ 3k ($5) per customer

◉ 20 New Customers per week 

And the results compounded because for every set of new customers, got more of them returned the next week and we didn’t pay a dime extra 

Every time she wanted more sales they’d turn on the ad 

And anytime we turned off the ad, the impact was immediate 

Their sales would slow down 

Now Listen!

If You Can Copy And Paste Then I Guarantee You A Restaurant Ad That Converts 

If you have a restaurant that you KNOW would like to generate massive sales online, this script is perfect for you 

If you have a pizza shop, barbeque spot, or juice shop this will work for you

I have never given out this script before, and in the past, I charge 100k ($150) and above just to set up a restaurant ad… but right now, I want to make you a VERY SPECIAL OFFER and give you the entire script AND training to show YOU, how to customize it for your product 

For Only N2500 ($4)

Yes, for about the price of shawarma, you can get access to a script that took me over 7 months to discover 

That after you use, in just 3 days would get you customers on demand

Yes! Sanni Mustapha Give Me Instant Access To The “3 Day Restaurant Cash Machine” Now For Just $4 (N2,500) 

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✅ Instant Access To The 3 Day Cash Machine (Value $49 (N59,000) )
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✅ Full Access To A 7 Day Q&A Session About Setting Up the Cash Machine (Value ($97) N117,000)

Total Value = $147 (N175,000)

Today Just $4 (N2,500)

It Doesn’t Matter Whether You Have Experience Or Not, This Script Will Work For You

For many of you, you don’t know how to run Facebook ads, that’s cool 

When you get the script 

You’ll also get this bonus training for free

How to use the 3 day cash machine on WhatsApp 

Bonus: How To Pull In Dirt cheap Leads From Whatsapp Tv

Worth: $13 ₦16,997

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of 'The 3 Day Restaurant Cash Machine' Today!

For some of you this script will be the difference between success and failure in your business… this is why I’ve made it SO inexpensive for you today!

This is the quickest and almost cheapest method I can teach you to get restaurant customers 

I’ll show you the kind of WhatsApp tv to look out for

How to spot the liars.

And a simple way to structure your 3-day restaurant cash machine for maximum 

And again…

Okay. Now what else could you buy for N2500?

Okay, you could probably get a big shawarma and a burger…

You’d probably get a cup of ice cream at Cold Stone for N2500 


You could get the single thing that could change the way you acquire restaurant online and you will see results in as fast as 3 days 

And so for you, I want to make sure you take advantage of this, that’s why I’m taking you this kind of offer because when you have this cash machine it’ll literary put immediate cash in terms of food orders as fast as 3 days 

So all you’re doing now is down below. There’s going to be a link, as soon as you buy that will give you access immediately even if it’s 12 am 

You can have access to the scripts and everything here in 10 seconds, all you do is click the link down below, and we’ll send this to you right away you follow the instructions and in just 3 days , I guarantee you’d have made at least 3-7 times your tiny investment 

122 Leads Generated At N125.97 per Lead Selling A N6000 Pizza

There Is NO CATCH!

I am well aware there are some business out there, that sells you a no good product only to get your WhatsApp number and force to hear some long pitch into buying some other shitty product

This isn’t one of them 

There’s NO hidden agenda, recurring billing or forced subscription

It’s a one time payment

And in case you’re wondering why I’m doing this 

Well, there a few reasons

So you see it’s a win-win for everyone, but..

Time Is Of Essence...

This IS Limited Offer And It Will Expire

Price can go up at any time, especially after we launch (360 A.R.M.S) and already have testimonials from at least 20 customers 

Because of what you’re getting as such a low price, we’re expecting a flood of orders

Just imagine 10 to 30 new customers within 3 days 

How Will Things Change For You❓

What Impact Will It Have On Your Business❓

All It Takes Is Just A Small Commitment

And In case you’re still not convinced, well…I have to say – you’re a tough one 

Here Is My "Super Nuts" But I Got Your Back Guarantee

I Sanni Mustapha 100% guarantee that you’ll love this product, or I’ll return your $4 (N2500) and let you keep the 3 day restaurant cash machine anyway

It’s not like I can un-download it from your system 

I’ll take all the risk on this 

If you follow all my instructions don’t feel that the 3 day cash machine is worth at least 7 times what you invested, drop me a WhatsApp message here within 60 days of getting the script and training and I’ll return your $4 (N2500), Fair enough?


You Must Act Fast!

This is truly a limited offer, so claim your copy now before it’s goes up...

Ok with that said, I want to give you this cash machine because I hope you’ll use it and see results from it

You can ask me any questions you have regarding the 3 day cash machine inside the group that comes along with your order 

Thanks again

Sanni Mustapha

P.S: Did you just skip too the bottom to see what the deal was?

You get my 3 day cash machine that teaches shows you how to sell restaurant products at dirt cheap prices within just 3 days for N2500 (your access is automated and you can download immediately when you order) 

I also show you, a sneaky way to identify WhatsApp tv to use the cash machine If you cannot run fb ads so you can start selling.. TODAY

This isn’t for business looking to survive, there are many ways you can use this weird strategies for advanced marketing even to your existing customers and it’s only $4 (N2500) today, that’s it 

You have 24 hours to decide, this page would disappear after the timer hit’s zero


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